Santa's Story

St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, was (is) a real person. He was a fourth century bishop, a defender of the Christian faith, a model for sacrificial giving and a protector of children. Through the centuries each generation has recreated his legend. St Nicholas continues to be the model of the virtues of faith, hope and love, virtues around which all Christians can unite. Children are often confused about the relationship of Christmas and Santa Claus. On one hand, the Christian church emphasize the birth of Christ, the manger scene, shepherds and the appearance of a bright star in the east that guided wise men to the Bethlehem stable. On the other hand, the secular world will focus only on Santa Claus, giving gifts, mostly receiving gifts, and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Succinctly stated, the person of St. Nicholas or Santa Claus was a mere messenger of the good news of Christ. The messenger, unfortunately in the secular world often overshadows the message. St Nicholas of Myra was just a messenger. His mission was to share God’s love and His greatest gift, Jesus Christ.  St. Nicholas or Santa Claus world never desire to appear more important than Gods messenger of love through Jesus Christ.

" Keeping Christ in Christmas"